Bluetooth Enabled Smart Hearing

Our audiologists recently attended a Siemens seminar where they were trained on the new Signia Pure® 13 BT primax, a Bluetooth® enabled smart hearing aid that is revolutionizing the hearing industry.  The Pure® 13 BT primax offers the advanced sound quality of its predecessor, combined with the ability to stream music, TV, and iPhone calls […]

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Untreated Hearing Loss in the Age of Communication

Did you know that untreated hearing loss impacts our lives? It can lead to communication problems with family, friends, and colleagues and can lead to irritability, stress, isolation, cognitive decline, and even early onset of dementia.

That’s why it’s important to get your hearing checked. Treating hearing loss is key to preserving your health. Many prevalent […]

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Welcome to Our Blog!

Within this feature of our new website, we will be providing you with news of our practice and services.

Please check back often for relevant news and new information. Feel free to post your comment or suggestions on any of our posts that you find interesting.

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