Financial Policy

We participate in most insurance plans including Medicare.  Please call our office (317-842-4901) to determine if we accept your insurance.  Note that a referral from your primary care physician must be obtained before your appointment if you participate in an HMO.


Registration:  At each visit our receptionist will verify and update your demographic information and insurance coverage and may periodically ask you to complete a new registration form to insure our information is accurate.  Please bring your insurance card to each visit.

Insurance:  We participate in Medicare and most commercial insurance plans in the central Indiana area but cannot know the details of the coverage and benefits for your particular policy.  Therefore, you will need to be familiar with your policy and know what is required to access medical care.  Your insurance may have one or more of the following requirements:

  • Referral from your primary care physician authorizing your visit with our doctor, done either by a specific form or by a tracking number assigned to your visit.  (If your insurance card has a physician’s name on it, it usually means that physician must authorize your care by a specialist.)
  • Co-pay that must be paid each visit
  • Annual deductibles that apply
  • Specific hospitals, x-ray facilities, and clinical laboratories that must be utilized for these services.

If you are unsure of what you need, contact your insurance representative or primary care physician before your visit.

A further note about Referral Authorizations:  If your insurance policy requires this referral, it is your responsibility to make sure we have authorization prior to being seen by the doctor.  Unless you have a medical emergency, if we do not have a referral authorization for your visit and you are unable to obtain one, the visit will be rescheduled.  While this may seem harsh, it is for your protection as much as ours, as some insurance plans will not pay for any tests or treatment that result from an unauthorized initial visit.  If you have a second insurance company, please consider whether that insurance company may require prior referral authorization for the services; if so, and none has been obtained, they will deny payment and you will be responsible for the amounts they might have otherwise paid on your behalf.

Patient responsibility balances:   You will be responsible for:

Services not covered by your insurance.

Co-pays (due at the time of your visit) and balances remaining after your insurance company has paid, including deductibles and co-insurance (percentage of the allowed amount that is your obligation).

Balances that remain unpaid 60 days after they have been filed with your insurance company but we have received no payment or response

Payment in full is expected within 30 days from your first statement advising you of the patient balance due.  Delinquent accounts may be turned over for pursuit by an external collection agency, so please inform us immediately if financial difficulties arise.        

Self-Pay:  Services not covered by insurance, and large deductibles.  If you do not have medical insurance or we are not contracted with your insurance plan, you will be expected to pay at the time of service, or, in some instances, prior to service.  Similarly, if you have a large deductible on your insurance policy, we may require a prepayment towards the cost of certain diagnostic tests or surgical procedures.  Our billing office will be happy to help you plan to meet the costs of your care.