Immunotherapy works by administering a gradually increasing dose of prescribed antigen that over time builds up the body’s tolerance. Immunotherapy can be administered weekly through injections in the office or by placing drops under the tongue daily at home.  

How Immunotherapy Works

Immunotherapy injections allow patients to build a tolerance to the specific allergens contained in the injection. The majority of patients notice an improvement in symptoms with immunotherapy injections in as little as six months to a year. Most patients receive immunotherapy for three years and ultimately lead to a reduction in medication dependence, which means fewer office visits and fewer allergic symptoms.

Frequency of Allergy Injections

Allergy injections are given on a predetermined schedule by increasing the dosage each time. Your provider and allergy technician will devise a plan just for you that best treats your allergy symptoms. We perform all of our immunotherapy injections at our Shadeland (Indianapolis) office, Monday through Thursday.